HECK UP IN HARLEM Listen now (5 min) | Opening Day of the Target in Harlem
I-HOP, THE ETERNAL FLAME Listen now (6 min) | A story of misspent youth and fire
YOU BET YOUR SWEET ASSES AMERICA IS GOING TO BE AS GREAT AGAIN AS THE SWEET ASSES ON THE OTHER PAGES OF THIS MAGAZINEListen now (22 min) | A piece of Trump-era political satire previously printed in PENTHOUSE magazine.
CALLING PLANET CLAYTARListen now (7 min) | An ode to the late Gillian Lovejoy
ALIEN SOFT-JAMSListen now (10 min) | Capitalism ate cooperation (written pre-COVID)
TO DUNE OR NOT TO DUNE Listen now (8 min) | The media Gods compel you to obey
Hermès VS. HOTDOG Listen now (5 min) | How the wrong font can ruin your life
CLOSE SHAVE Listen now (7 min) | Escaping from New York, in the nick of time
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